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Women's and Gender Studies

When you choose to major in Women’s and Gender Studies, you enter an exciting interdisciplinary field of study that examines gender and its intersections with race, class and other identifiers to better understand the lives of women and men.

What to Expect

As a women's and gender studies major, you will develop the skills necessary to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems and interpret human experiences. Hands-on research, community service and internship opportunities will allow you to explore real-life issues and understand the world in ways that value gender equity, racial equality and social justice. Our multidisciplinary approach allows you to develop skills needed to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce.


Undergraduate Degree

B B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies undergraduate program, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers courses that keep women at the center but examine issues from multiple perspectives.

Typical courses include:

  • Women in Culture
  • Women in Society
  • Women and Health
  • Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
  • Feminist Theory or African-American Feminist Theory
  • Gender and Culture
  • Community Service Internship

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My experience in the program was amazing. I developed strong relationships with many of my professors as people I could bounce ideas off of. They got me thinking beyond the projects and lit the light for me to go into a teaching environment and use some of that knowledge to make a difference.

Shirley Turner
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Graduate Degrees

C Certificate of Graduate Studies in Women's and Gender Studies

The graduate certificate can be completed in conjunction with a master's or doctoral degree program in another discipline or as a stand-alone, post-baccalaureate program for full-time students or working professionals.

Graduate Director: Leah McClimans,
Program Contact: Jennifer Melancon, 803-777-5695,

Application information for this degree is available through The Graduate School. 

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