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College of Social Work

  • Diversity Protest on Greene Street in Fall 2020


Want to learn more? Check out select resources below. Is there a book, video, or podcast that has impacted how you think about DEI? Social justice? Let us know! 


  • I Am Not Your Negro – Documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson that, drawing on insights from James Baldwin, is a journey into Black history that connects the Civil Rights movement at BLM. 
  • The Central Park Five – this 2012 documentary tells the story of the five Black and Latino teenagers who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in NYC’s Central Park in 1989. Also a series on Netflix called When They See Us. 
  • A Conversation on Race – A series of short films about identity in America.

Other Podcasts

  • Code SwitchHosted by journalists of color, this podcast tackles the subject of race with empathy and humor. 
  • Scene on Radio documentary series “Seeing White– Where did the notion of “whiteness” come from? What does it mean? What is whiteness for? 
  • About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge features key voices from anti-racist activism and the recent history that lead to the politics of today . 
  • Strange Fruit – Jaison Gardner and Dr. Kaila Story talk race, gender, and LGBTQ issues. 



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