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Darla Moore School of Business

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    Spring Term — Break Enrollment Deadline: Nov. 21, 2022

Spring Term — Break Global Classrooms

Spring Term — Break courses are taught first on campus for eight weeks before students travel abroad during Spring Break. 


São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Learn about and experience first-hand many aspects of the unique sustainable business environment in Latin America. More specifically, participate in visits and activities focused on assessing how firms pursue sustainable business in Brazil. Deeply explore the context, tools, and factual knowledge useful for understanding the institutional and competitive environment and managerial challenges of firms in the region. More broadly, understand sustainable business, not only in terms of environmental sustainability, but also in terms of its social, cultural, and economic dimensions.

  • This course can be applied to regional course requirements for international business majors.

Havana and Viñales

Changes in economic, political and cultural environments pose challenges and opportunities to businesses in Cuba. Analyze the precarious position of the country as it transitions to a market-based economy, and discuss cost-benefit analysis as trade fluctuates between Cuba and the U.S. This accelerated course culminates after Spring Break when students apply knowledge learned during the first half of the semester while traveling in Cuba.

  • Open to all undergraduate students including freshmen.
  • This course can be applied to regional course requirements for international business majors.

Florence, Modena and Milan

Learn more about how cultural tourism, destination marketing and fashion industries impact retailing during the first half of the semester. Discuss the challenges of competing in the global marketplace along with factors for developing and managing retailing. All product markets are affected by regulatory factors, resulting in evolved marketing techniques.

  • This course requires successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in MKTG 350.
  • This course can be applied to regional or functional course requirements for international business majors.

Barcelona, Madrid and A Coruña

Business in Spain will provide students with an insight into Spanish culture, language, and business environments. Students will participate in lectures, readings and on-site experiences in Barcelona, Madrid, and A Coruña, all in Spanish.

  • This course can be applied to regional course requirements and language requirements for international business majors.

For more information including syllabi, draft itineraries and deposit and withdrawal agreements, visit Blackboard > Organizations > Moore School Global Classrooms > Steps to Secure Your Space > Undergraduate Student


Deadline to apply for a Spring Term — Break Global Classroom Scholarship is Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022, by 11:59 p.m.
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