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Department of Psychology

CNS Faculty

Faculty who are accepting students for the upcoming semester are indicated on their faculty bio pages.

Faculty Member Group Focus Area
Almor, Amit Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience

Psycholinguistics; Language, Memory, Attention and Space; Discourse Reference Processing

Booze, Rosemarie M.  Neural Science

Long-term effects of viruses in the human and non-human primate brain; Plant-based neurocognitive therapeutics; Drug dependence and abuse 

Desai, Rutvik Harshad  Cognitive Neuroscience

Neural representation of concepts; Neural basis of language 

Green, Jessica  Cognitive Neuroscience

Attention; Multisensory Perception; Human Electrophysiology (EEG)

Harrod, Steven B.  Neural Science

Addiction; Rodent models of drug self-administration; Rodent models of maternal nicotine exposure


Hudac, Caitlin 

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 

Social brain (motivation, perception, cognition); Autism spectrum disorder; Neurodevelopmental disorders; Genetic etiologies; EEG/ERP; Eye tracking; fMRI; Lifespan development (infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood)

Mactutus, Charles F. 

Neural Science 

Long-term effects of drugs, toxins, and viruses on cognitive processes in the non-human and human brain; The microbiome and gut-brain axis for neurotherapeutics; Drug dependence and choice behavior

Richards, John 

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 

Infant attention; Developmental neuroimaging; Psychophysiology 


Rorden, Chris 

Cognitive Neuroscience 

Investigations of language, attention and perception using neuropsychology, brain imaging and brain stimulation

Shinkareva, Svetlana 

Cognitive Neuroscience 

MVPA methods; Representation of affect; Representation of semantic meaning 


Vendemia, Jennifer M. C. 

Cognitive Neuroscience 

Neurocognition of pain; Sensory motor integration; Stress and cognition 


Vento, Peter 

Neural Science 

Addiction; Risky decision-making; Behavioral inhibition


Wedell, Douglas H. 

Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience 

Judgment and decision making; Context effects; Neural representation of affect 


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