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Department of Psychology

Program Goals and Mission Statement

Specific Program Goals and Objectives

There are two primary goals and five objectives that are alined with credentialing and certification requirements.

Objective 1: Identity, Function, and Ethical Understanding
Competencies: It is expected that students will understand the roles and functions of school psychologists in school and non-school settings; understand the legal and ethical standards that relate to professional psychology and school practice; and understand the various employment contexts for school psychologists, with particular emphasis on culture and organization of schools.

Objective 2: Psychoeducational Assessment
Competencies: It is expected that students will obtain information through behavioral observations, interviews, records, and community resources that relate to the development of intervention programs for children with learning and/or behavioral difficulties; to administer, score, and interpret tests of intellectual abiligy, educational achievement, personality, perceptual-motor ablities, adaptive behavior, and other relevant skills and abilities; to interpret information from a variety of sources (test and non-test data) to make appropriate diagnostic and intervention decisions with individuals of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and exceptionalities.

Objective 3: Direct and indirect intervention
Competencies: It is expected that students will develop and evaluate appropriate intervention plans for individuals with learning and/or behavioral difficulties; consult in a collaborative fashion with teachers, parents, and others related to the education and mental health of children; provide and evaluate direct counseling and therapy treatments in individual and group formats and for particular diagnostic issues; formulate, implement, and evaluate systems-level assessment and intervention programs; and develop knowledge and methods of supervision.

Objective 4: Research
Competencies: It is expected that students will acquire systematic problem-solving and problem-finding skills including hypothesis testing, data analysis, and conclusion drawing from formal research and non-research applications; students will have the ability to evaluate and critique the existing applicable research literature in school psychology.

Objective 1: Theory and Research in Core Areas of Psychology
Competencies: It is expected that students will demonstrate knowledge of the breadth and depth of psychology, history, and development, and research methods and applications; and demonstrate knowledge of the scientific, methodological, and theoretical foundations of practice.


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