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Meagan Cobb Heath

Title: Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department: Languages, Literatures & Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Meagan Cobb Heath

Meagan Cobb Heath is a PhD Candidate in the Spanish program. She earned both an AB in Spanish and a MA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Georgia. Her area of interest centers around dystopic works from Spain, and she intends to examine them throughecocritical, societal, and theoretical lenses. Within the realm of peninsular Spanish dystopic fiction, themes that she is currently exploring include: ecoaldeas as a critical lens and utopic alternative, trans-Atlantic eco-criticism of Peninsular perspectives on sustanability, and the function of literature as both an escape from and a cure for such post-apocalyptic societies.  In 2021, she presented “Eco-dystopias: Reading Emilio Bueso’s Al garete through the lens of environmental reality” at the UofSC Comparative Literature Conference: Ecologies, Communities, Imaginaries.

Meagan is also a Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant with experience teaching Elementary Spanish and Basic Proficiency in Spanish. Her hope is to foster an inclusive, community-driven atmosphere that inspires students to use the language they learn outside of the classroom and in their everyday lives. She plans to continue the expansion of her teaching repertoire to include intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish language, with the long-term career goal of teaching peninsular Spanish literature at the university level. She co-presented “Using Instagram for L2 Writing” at the 2019 UGA Modern Language Share Fair with Dr. Kelly Ford.

In addition to her primary research and teaching, Meagan is the Treasurer of the LLC Graduate Student Association (2022-2023).  She is also interested in gender studies and human rights issues arising from immigration detention centers. She aspires to pursue a career in academia.

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