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Department of Anthropology

GLD: Research

Spring 2021


ANTH 552.001 / Medical Anthropology

MW / 8:08 – 9:20/ 50% or more WEB in BTWASH 201

Professor: David Simmons

(3 credits) 

Fulfills the Cultural Requirement for the Anthropology Major and

Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD): Research


Fulfills the 500-level(s) requirement(s) for the Major or for DURT and

Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD): Research 

Cross-listed with HPEB 552.001 

Meets with HPEB 552.H01 and ANTH 552.H01 – Honors College Only for the H01 Sections 

Medical Minor Requirement 

Course Readings:

Please go to the USC Bookstore to find what books you will need for this course: 

Course Description:

This course introduces the field of medical anthropology, which is the study of human health, disease and healing from a cross-cultural perspective. The political economy of health as a result of modernization is a central focus. Topics covered include cross-cultural understandings of illness and healing, the social/cultural context of health and health interventions, and the impacts of emerging and re-emerging diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, and Tuberculosis on world health. The underlying theme of the course is the use of anthropological concepts and methods in domestic and international public health contexts.

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