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Department of Anthropology

GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy

Spring 2021


ANTH 381.001 / Gender and Globalization

MW / 2:20 – 3:35 / 100% Web - Asynchronous

Professor: Drucilla Barker

(3 credits) 

Cross-listed with WGST 381 

Fulfills the Cultural Requirement for the Anthropology Major and

Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD): Diversity & Social Advocacy; Global Learning; Professional & Civic Engagement


Integrative Requirement (INT) 

Course Readings:

Please go to the USC Bookstore to find what books you will need for this course: 

Course Description:

Globalization, a process of integrating countries, peoples, economies, and cultures into a larger whole, is as old at the travels of Marco Polo and at the same time as brand new as the Internet. Digital technologies and improvements in transportation have greatly reduced the barriers of time and distance. This has led to profound changes in the gender roles assigned to women and men, the ways that economies, governments, and cultures function, and the opportunities for meaningful work and “a good life.”  It is the best of times and the worst of times. Today extreme wealth and desperate poverty exist side by side. Some women are heads of state and while others are subjugated to outmoded ideologies about women’s natural inferiority. Consumer goods are plentiful and inexpensive but only as a result of sweatshops in the global south.  Global corporations such as Nike, MacDonald’s, and Coca Cola dominate markets all over the world while small farmers and producers struggle to survive.  This course will explore these themes by looking at the legacies of colonialism, the global assembly line, the global market for domestic labor and sex work, changing patterns of immigration, and social justice movements. 

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