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College of Arts and Sciences

  • Students sitting on the Horshoe and hanging out.

Student Life in the College of Arts and Sciences

Get a (Social) Life

Arts and Sciences students learn to collaborate by making human connections. Protect your emotional health and spur creativity by balancing academic interests with a rich social life.

Join In

More than half of the university’s more than 500 student clubs and organizations relate to Arts and Sciences programs. You have hundreds of opportunities to connect with your peers over shared interests in academics, advocacy, community service, sports, dance, games, careers and more.

Learn to Lead

Arts and Sciences students stand out in student government. Issy Rushton, who double majored in criminology and psychology, got involved her freshman year and quickly grew into a leader.  As student body president her senior year, she helped lead the campus through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I'm able to sit down with students of all different viewpoints and communicate my views in a more effective way because of Arts and Sciences classes.”

— Issy Rushton, Class of 2021
Psychology and Criminology/Criminal Justice Major 

Live and Learn

Where you live can steer your personal and educational experience. Living and learning communities bring Arts and Sciences students together in high-achieving environments where you can surround yourself with like-minded thinkers or expand your perspective outside your comfort zone. 

  • Green Quad: A sustainable living community that connects environmentally minded students to green practices. 
  • International House at Maxcy College: An international learning community where cultures combine to promote international understanding. 
  • Rhodos Fellows: An interdisciplinary program where students from various majors design creative solutions to interesting problems. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.