Safety Tips

The University community is a vibrant academic, social, cultural and sports center for our city. Unfortunately the advantages of an open, urban location can be an attraction to those with criminal intent.

We actively patrol the University campus and work in partnership with the Columbia Police Department in patrolling the many streets through campus as well as the surrounding areas to help provide a safe campus environment.

You can help protect yourself by taking a few precautions and following these safety tips:

  • Trust your instincts. If a place or situation doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Leave.
  • Avoid shortcuts and isolated areas when walking after dark.
  • Don’t walk alone after dark. Early evening to late evening, travel only in groups of three or more in well lit and heavily traveled areas. Use the APO Escort Services (803.777.DUCK) or call for a police escort (803.777.4215).
  • When traveling in your vehicle, keep windows up and doors locked.
  • If approached, don’t resist a robber especially if he/she has a weapon.
  • Never venture into or through dark or undesirable neighborhoods.
  • Familiarize yourself with call box locations.
  • Don’t carry large sums of cash.
  • Get a good description of the attacker and locate a safe area in the event of an encounter.
  • If attacked or approached by someone suspicious, contact the police immediately by calling 911 or use the nearest call box.

For additional safety advice and tips, contact Sgt. Kenny Adams at 803.777.0855. If you are a victim or witness of a crime, you can call Cpl. Mary Winnington at 803.777.6472 for assistance.