Request Training or a Presentation

It is essential for students, faculty and staff to know how to stay safe on campus and what steps to take in the event of an emergency. In addition to the information provided on this site, we also offer a number of safety presentations to educate you on methods of personal safety. We are happy to speak in University 101 classes, academic courses, meetings, student / faculty organizations, residence halls and more. There is no fee for our presentations.

To request a training or presentation please contact Sgt. Kenny Adams at 803.777.0855 or His presentations are popular with students and have been voted the “most-liked” session by University 101 students for the past two years.


The following are sessions we currently offer. We are always interested in improving and expanding out presentations. If you have a suggestion or have a topic you’d like us to cover please let us know.

  • Campus Safety – Covers general and specific methods of personal protection, detailing practical tips for staying safe in our community and identifying tools available to enhance personal safety.
  • Community Response to an Active Shooter – Learn what to do, how to protect yourself and how the police will respond in the event of an active shooter. Learn more.
  • Residential Safety – Learn ways to secure your living space both on and off campus. A free building survey is also available.
  • Garage Safety – Learn useful precautions for preventing theft, vehicle vandalism and ways to ensure your personal safety in and around garages.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention – Learn to identify the warning signs of potential workplace violence and what can be done to implement preventive measures. Learn more.
  • Project I.D. – We offer free engraving for any personal and university property for all students, faculty and staff. The engraved items will be registered into our database, allowing officers to easily identify the proper owner in the event the item is stolen and recovered. Learn more.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention ­– This presentation offers an overview of the personality traits of those who perpetuate sexual aggression and provides resources for dealing with this aggression.
  • Self-Defense Presentations – Classroom-based presentations for large groups for two- and four-hours. Hands-on presentations for females only.