Register Your Property

Valuable items left unattended in vehicles or residence halls are prime targets for theft. Take care to lock residence hall rooms and remove valuables from vehicles. Remember that several areas of our campus, including Thomas Cooper Library, are open to the public.

Keep your personal property under close watch and take advantage of our registration programs to deter theft. You may bring your items to the police department or request an officer to visit your office or residence hall to pick up the item. Student organizations, colleges and hall governments can request an officer to set up a display table to register your items on-site. To request this service, please contact Sgt. Kenny Adams at 803.777.0855.

Property Registration

Registering your property is easy using our online form which allows you to enter serial numbers, descriptions and even photos. Providing this information makes it easier for us to correctly identify and return stolen property. Registration is simple and does not require a login. You may register laptops, phones, tablets, bicycles, mopeds and more. Be sure to have handy any relevant serial numbers, make/model information, photos and S.T.O.P. tag numbers. Click here to begin.

Remember, this service helps us identify your property if stolen and recovered.  You are still required to register your bicycles and mopeds with Parking Services.  See more information about bicycles and mopeds below.

Project I.D.

We engrave your valuables (computers, iPods, cell phones, and more) with your last name, first initial and last four numbers of your social security number, register and store the information in a database in the event your item is stolen.

S.T.O.P. Tag

S.T.O.P. (Security Tracking Of Office Property) is a highly visible anti-theft tag and registration process that deters theft by making the laptop nearly impossible to sell. Removal of the security plate would physically alter the computer’s casing. A “Stolen Property” tattoo lies underneath the security plate. This service is available for $20 at the Russell House Information Desk.

Bicycles on Campus

All bicycles parked on campus are required to be registered. This helps discourage theft and assists in recovery if the bike is stolen. There is no charge for students, faculty and staff to register bikes in our database. To register your bike, please visit our office or the USC Parking Services office.


University policy requires all mopeds be registered with USC Parking Services. To learn more about moped safety and SC law regarding mopeds, click here.